Heater core leak?

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Heater core leak?

Post by tomatoes4all » Fri 12 Jul, 2019 9:08 pm

Hello all,
Having just finished a full rear suspension rebuild of my 1989 300e (a recommended thing to do: it's now amazingly quiet and comfortable) the next issue has popped up: I think I have a leaking heater core. No leaks around the hoses anywhere near the engine nor along the fire wall, no leaks inside nor wet carpet nor a foggy wind shield, but as soon as I turn the heater dials up, I smell coolant. As soon as I turn the heat off, the smell goes away. I've had to add about 200ml of coolant only the last few months, so if there is a leak, it's very minor. I must admit, I am a bit fussy....
So, ignore and wait till spring, wear an extra coat while driving until then? I have done a search on forums overseas, and I shudder to think I have to remove the dashboard, the heater box, dismantle just about everything to retrieve the heater core..... Is it really that bad on a RHD 300e as well? I've done the same job on a Volvo 960 before, and that was a very, very big job. Opinions wanted please. Cheers, Erik.

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