Extended service intervals

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Extended service intervals

Post by ngruzevs » Sun 14 Oct, 2018 3:36 pm

Interesting video from Mr Cadogan. Interestingly it's motoring journalists (of late) that have been pushing for these extended service intervals. I've just finished reading a review of the new Hyundai Tuscan Elite 4WD, and the journalist wrote "The five year unlimited warranty is reassuring, less impressive is the service interval 12 months/10,000KM. Is it really in the consumers best interest to stretch these intervals out to 18/24 months, 15,000/20,000K?

I am more than satisfied with the service interval specified for my new Hyundai i30N 12 months/10000 kilometres, as I'll do 10000k's in 6 months.

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Re: Extended service intervals

Post by aleks001 » Mon 15 Oct, 2018 2:41 pm

This was a surprising one from him and I don't mean that in a good way. He's basically saying dealers are criminals and people never check their cars and don't know anything about them but then in the same story is saying people should take it to dealers and let them do all the work because warranty bla bla Well you can't have it both ways, how are people meant to learn if no one but a dealer should touch their car. Secondly it's not the manufacturer's fault that people are idiots and go beyond service intervals and damage their cars. 12 months/15,000 KM's as far as I'm concerned is perfect. It will greatly reduce environmental impact from all the un-necessary oil and filter changes not to mention god knows what other un-necessary items the dealer will try to squeeze you for every service. Most oils these days can go way beyond 15,000 KM's. The fact that people don't take care of their cars is not a reason to advocate for shorter service intervals. I've stopped watching his crap, he has become to inconsistent and frankly just seems like a bit of an idiot.

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