280se 3.5 revs at cruising

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280se 3.5 revs at cruising

Post by hendriknz » Sun 08 Jan, 2017 9:20 am

Hi all.

I have just completed the installation of a VDO tacho in the clock postion of my w108. what sort of revs should it be pulling at 100kmh? it seems to be doing about or above 3000rpm which seems high. I can feel it change to fourth but does it have an over drive or such?

Also, when cold it seems to slip the first change between second and third. i have completed a fluid and filter change. is there any (recommended) additives or snake oils that I can add to get some more milage out of it?

W108 280se 3.5
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Re: 280se 3.5 revs at cruising

Post by helgathe109 » Tue 07 Mar, 2017 10:58 am

I don't have a tacho on mine, but I'm running a M130 in a W109 with the 4-speed auto column shift. It sounds like it revs pretty high at 100kph on the motorway, almost enough that I don't like holding it at that speed for a long time (which makes cruising difficult). I'm thinking this is more of a mental/personal challenge than anything else, as it never gets hot at those revs, especially with all the air it would be getting through the huge flat grill at those speeds. Plus the M130 seems to love revving, it actually surprises me how crisp it feels revving through 1-2-3 for a 49 year old engine... almost as if it likes it.

Regarding the additives, I gave mine a flush and replaced the filter and pan gasket, then added LiquiMoly Auto Trans Restorer. Seems like a great product as the shifting is perfect and feels nice and tight. The car had also been sitting for 13+ years prior to that, so if there were any issues due to lack of use and no circulation of fluids, then the additive took care of it.


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