W111 Engine Conversions?

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W111 Engine Conversions?

Post by TassieBenz » Sun 18 Dec, 2016 10:00 pm

Hey All,

Fantastic forum you've got here! I'm new to the world of Mercedes Benz's until yesterday, where my wife & i brought home her 67' 230S Sedan. I've had vast experience with early model Falcons, but none with these German Falcons! Seeking any advice that anyone has for engine & gearbox conversions. We aren't expecting a racecar, but want a reliable automatic cruiser. I know it may be sacrelige, but thinking motor & box from ED to EF falcon could be ok... (please don't shoot me now)

Cheers, Brett

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Re: W111 Engine Conversions?

Post by Bartman4800 » Mon 19 Dec, 2016 12:34 pm

Ouch, comparing a Ford Falcon to a Finnie....That hurts :think:

Why won't you buy an ED falcon, they already come with a Falcon engine. :blackeye:
You can give the finnie to me, and I will look for a decent ED falcon for you.

But honestly, what is wrong with the existing engine?

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Re: W111 Engine Conversions?

Post by CraigB » Mon 19 Dec, 2016 11:36 pm

Am i reading into your post correctly that your car is a manual and maybe your engine in its current state is not reliable? Or is it a perception that all old Mercedes are unreliable? They certainly can be reliable. The simplest solution could be to try and find a rusty but good running auto finnie and do the swap - you will have all the parts you need and might be able to sell off the excess. Lots of people do conversions that cost lots of money and/or time and it seems many give up along the way. I think some enjoy them and if you keep it forever then cost is not such an issue but one falcon conversion i can recall some time ago I think ended up being wrecked after not being able to find a buyer. But you may have your own reasons for wanting to go that way, but one thing you will need no doubt is a taller diff or some sort of overdrive. The Benz motor is designed to rev so you will probably want to find a ratio close to what the original falcon had.
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Re: W111 Engine Conversions?

Post by 220SEB » Wed 21 Dec, 2016 10:31 am

I'll call troll, but would be surprised to hear otherwise :coffee2:

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