A new Finnie owner (almost)

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A new Finnie owner (almost)

Post by rens1976 » Fri 22 Jun, 2018 8:59 pm

Hi everyone
I've been lurking for some time and have read lots of posts and thought it would be about time I said hello.
I've always liked old Mercs (1960-70's) since I was a kid and finally got the approval from SWMBO to buy one.
So I've recently (almost) purchased a 1967 W110 Mercedes 200. I say almost because it failed the road worthy on account of a leaking radiator and leaking head gasket. The head gasket was leaking to the outside of the block-nothing in the oil or visa versa. The guy I'm buying it off has it at the mechanic awaiting the fixes necessary for the road worthy. The radiator got delivered late today and looks a treat(read brand new) and once the rad is fitted and checked the head will come off and will get sent for the usual testing prior to reinstallation.
When it finally happens, I'll be the third owner since it was imported to Australia. The car was purchased by the current owner in Adelaide 13 years ago and spent a nomadic existence travelling around Australia as he completed his medical training. It's a beige colour with brown vinyl Interior. Other than the radio and 4 speakers, it is totally original. There are two small areas of rust in the car. One on the driver's side at the base of the C pillar and the other on the bottom of the passenger side rear door. As soon as I take possession I will take it to have the rust removed. The paint is original with some crazing on the roof which I think I will get fixed at the same time as the rust. She still runs the original 13" rims and sits high in the front which makes it look a bit faeces, but nothing that can't be lowered to a more acceptable height. The door rubbers need replacing (There's bugger all left of the original ones) and the rear bumper needs a re-chrome following a poor attempted fix on a dint.
Looking forward to posting a few pics when I have enough cred on the OZBENZ forum.

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