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Injector cleaner

Posted: Tue 10 Apr, 2018 9:21 pm
by Mick_Marsh
Do people here run injector cleaner in their finnies?

What brand/type do you use and how often do you do it?

Re: Injector cleaner

Posted: Fri 13 Apr, 2018 7:58 am
by Mercmad
Not a good idea actually. The best thing to do is find someone with a bosch injector tester and get them to test the injectors. Similar to a diesel test, it is easy and quick to do . if any are fuzzy or blocked they can be cleaned by gently poking a fine peice of fishing line into the end to clear out deposits. then,when using the car, add ATF Dex III to the fuel, at one liter per hundred liters of petrol .This preserves the tank and lines, lubricates the injection pump and keeps the injectors clean .

Re: Injector cleaner

Posted: Fri 13 Apr, 2018 1:27 pm
by Bartman4800
I got my hands on a mechanical injector tester a while ago.

It is for diesel injectors, but I guess the same fitting applies.

I am in WA, where are you?