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Zenith 35/40

Posted: Fri 12 Jan, 2018 10:59 am
by dynamike
I've been researching my Zenith carburetors and thought I share some of the more useful information I curated:


English Manual - Jaime Kop (as per Drew's Finnie bible)


Extensive GERMAN literature and step-by-step guides - Strich Acht ForumImage ... INAT_35/40 including:


The Zenith Carburetor Explained
The Zenith Carburetor Adjustments Basics
The Zenith Carburetor Adjustments part 1 of 2
The Zenith Carburetor Adjustments part 1 of 2

Common issues:
The pre 1972 models have a fuel return valve to avoid vapor locks. The diaphragm within the assembly starts to leak over time due to wear. Whilst some people in colder climates (particularly Germany) apparently have success with simply closing it off using a 2 cent piece it's not recommended. The valve assembly is hard to come by and goes for upwards of $200. However, you can get the diaphragm (154) and two fibre washer (155) which should fix this issue. Ensure the gap is set correctly as per


Rebuilt Kit
Fibre washer within fuel return valve that is known to leak due to worn diaphram

And, of course, always worth checking with the forum sponsor for availability of parts.


Re: Zenith 35/40

Posted: Fri 12 Jan, 2018 12:12 pm
by Bartman4800
Good stuff!

This should go in the library