Petrol octane

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Petrol octane

Post by Richo00175 » Sun 22 Mar, 2015 4:26 am

Hi all, I have just purchased a 1965 220se coupe , the original owner was the exciled queen geraldine of Albania, who was married to king zog ! I live in spain that's where the car is, my question is what's the best fuel to use , do I need an additive or will it be ok.
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Re: Petrol octane

Post by CraigB » Sun 22 Mar, 2015 9:27 am

Welcome. Firstly, i think MB issued a statement to say that all their cars are fine on unleaded fuel. I imagine it won't do huge numbers of miles anyway, but being alloy head, there are hardened valve seats in there. Unleaded in cars not designed for it, the main issue is valve seat recession, but this usually is more an issue in cast iron heads without hardened steel valve seats.

I don't know what your octane choices are in spain, but here in australia I think people tend to prefer the 98 octane. I don't know about your car, but my 69 280sl specifically states in the handbook it is designed to run on 98RON. The other thing is that I have been told this fuel last longer without going off or losing quality. Modern fuels here seem to have an incredibly short life before they can start making your car run rough.

Others might join in with more specific model info.
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Re: Petrol octane

Post by Ivanerrol » Sun 22 Mar, 2015 10:17 am

More Australian connections.

King Zog and Queen Geraldine's Son - King Leka was married to an Australian.

When Andrew Peacock was foreign minister, he issued a passport to her in the name of "Susan Cullen Ward, known as Queen Susan"
The Australian Governments would not recognize her official title.
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Re: Petrol octane

Post by thirstymerc » Tue 24 Mar, 2015 10:57 am

I wonder what happend to King Zog and Queen Geraldine's wedding car:

"They drove to their honeymoon in an open-top scarlet Mercedes-Benz 540K, a present from Adolf Hitler"
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