2.3-16 & 500SLC at Wakefield Park, NSW

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oz coz
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2.3-16 & 500SLC at Wakefield Park, NSW

Post by oz coz » Fri 06 Aug, 2010 5:17 pm

"Greg in OZ" has posted a link to a video in the General MB section of this Forum. In one of the 2 videos he follows a 2.3-16 for a few laps .The 2.3-16 is running on road tyres initially set at 38 F/42 R. Measured after a later run these had expanded to 42 F/ 47 R .

Have a look and admire the fabulous handling that a 190E provides (even with a geriatric pilot).
oz coz

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Re: 2.3-16 & 500SLC at Wakefield Park, NSW

Post by AMG » Sat 07 Aug, 2010 12:39 pm

it's good to know that the heat induces about 5 psi on a cold track....

To me it looked like the SLC didn't have a chance ; )
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Greg in Oz
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Re: 2.3-16 & 500SLC at Wakefield Park, NSW

Post by Greg in Oz » Sat 07 Aug, 2010 11:22 pm

The link to the video "Oz coz" mentions is in the post at viewtopic.php?f=25&t=10953
JoeB wrote:To me it looked like the SLC didn't have a chance ; )
It was interesting to compare the behaviour and performance of the 190E 2.3-16 with the 500SLC around Wakefield. As an owner of a 190E 2.3 (8V) Sportline, I can state that, even by today's standards, it is a brilliant handling car and I'd expect the 2.3-16 to be similar (but with additional grunt). In the tighter twisty stuff the 201's newer 5 link rear end should out-perform the simple diagonal swing arms of the SLC. Those diagonal swing arms date back to the introduction of the W114/115 in the 1960s. The W201 was the first with the multi-link rear in the early 1980s. In fact, the initial competitive role for the 190E 2.3-16 was to be as a replacement for the 5 litre 107 in World Rally Championship, that was until Audi brought the all wheel drive turboed Quattro onto the scene. Knowing this I would expect a 2.3-16 to be a better behaved car than the 500SLC in most areas.

The good handling of the 2.3-16 meant it could stay ahead of the SLC for much of the lap of Wakefield. It was only towards the ends of the straights that the grunt of the much bigger 5 litre V8 gave the SLC any advantage. A much faster and less tight circuit than Wakefield would be needed to give the 500SLC any possible advantage.

"Oz coz" mentioned how he felt his car gave superb rear traction compared to my difficulty with rear traction. I must admit, rear traction is rarely a problem in my 190E with the multi-link rear and even less so with our heavier 300TE with the same rear end with self-levelling. Both my 107s give less rear grip even with the limited slip diff in the 500.

There is however one area where the 107s shine. That is when it comes to the ability to soak up bad roads and big bumps. I'm sure this was to the SLC's advantage as a successful rally car 30 years ago. Even over the speed bumps around the suburbs, my 107s are superior to our 300TE and 190E.
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