Skin Cancer Awareness. Graphic pictures for some.

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Skin Cancer Awareness. Graphic pictures for some.

Post by 70499 » Thu 21 Nov, 2013 8:01 pm


I just wrote up a brief story with summer just around the corner. Hopefully it motivates someone to get a second check.

Back in 2002 (age 30 )I had my first malignant melanoma diagnosed which was on my jaw line. It was the smallest of small brown freckles but was classified after a biopsy as a level 5. ( level 5 being the highest). It took 4 surgery’s to completely get the melanoma out, roots and all. I was then required to have yearly skin check at a Dermatologist for any other suspect areas which may arise.
Over the first years I went from different dermatologist trying to find a half decent one. Most were knobs and had no understanding of the workings of the real world. Four years ago I found a dermatologist who was ok, let’s just say slighter better than the other twits. On my second yearly visit to this guy I got the feeling that this guy was also losing the love for his job but at $250 for 15 minutes I understood why he was hanging around. I pointed to a freckle on the inside of my calf and he said it was fine. So $250 poorer I left his office and had 50/50 thoughts about his overall effort. So it’s the third visit and one again half arsed look, I pointed out the freckle on my calf again and once again get told its fine. 2014 rolls around (age 41) and Im back in his office. This time he didn’t get out of his chair and across the room… yes that freckle on your calf is fine. So the next day I went to my GP to get another referral to see another Dermatologist. As usual the waiting time for a new patient is 6-9 months.

So the moral of the story is, if you are seeing a doctor or ???? and you come to the conclusion that his effort is of a poor standard, find / search for someone better.

My first appointment with this new dermatologist was at the start of this month. November. Googled the doctors address, bingo, bottle shop 100 metres away for the traveller home. Within three steps of walking into the new dermatologist office he said what that on your inside calf. So a biopsy was taken and a result came back as a level 3 melanoma diagnosed. So from the dermatologist I get referred to the plastic surgeon.
Surgeon - Mumble mumble mumble, the squre root of 6.....…. You are going to need a full thickness skin graft.
If the old dermatologist had a proper look at the freckle 3 years ago I would have not needed a skin graft. ( insert back to the moral of the story ).

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I will let the pictures finish of the story………


1) The freckle with a biopsy scab/sore on it.
2,3) One week after surgery with the skin graft. First change of bandages.




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Re: Skin Cancer Awareness. Graphic pictures for some.

Post by sf0999 » Thu 21 Nov, 2013 8:30 pm

+1. I just had a mole removed 2 days ago (precautionary) -still have the stitchers and now waiting for the pathology report. A melanoma took the life of my father 25 years ago, and he was only a few years older than I am now. We all need to keep out of the sun.

I hope all is OK Brad.

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Re: Skin Cancer Awareness. Graphic pictures for some.

Post by T-Modell » Thu 21 Nov, 2013 10:56 pm

Good luck and all the best to you guys ...

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Re: Skin Cancer Awareness. Graphic pictures for some.

Post by 420 SE » Fri 22 Nov, 2013 5:16 pm

Hope that your surgeon was successful.

You should consider making a complaint to the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) regarding your previous dermatologist and his dismissive attitude. Only when people are held to account will they lift their game.
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Re: Skin Cancer Awareness. Graphic pictures for some.

Post by Bartman4800 » Wed 04 Dec, 2013 6:43 pm

Good posting.

I got the scare and made an appointment with a mole-scan clinic for next Wednesday.

Being a pale European, I stay out of the sun and go gardening (community service) with a big sombrero and long sleeves.
But I am flecked all over, even above the hairline...

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