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Experiences with 200,000 kms AMG

Posted: Thu 09 Mar, 2017 4:17 am
by T-Modell
Hi down under,

two weeks ago and after a bit of more than 8 years I clocked the 200,000 kms on my E63 S211 AMG. Just wanted to share some experiences and a warning to you guys (just be aware, that I drive the car a bit different here on the Autobahn, so I guess the stress in Oz is not that extreme):
2017-02-22 - 01 - E63T 200000km_1024x576.jpg
To summarise it: It is still the second-best and most unreasonable decision of my life! :laughing6: As a daily driver used for business, every single kilometre was just fun, especially since the penis-extension-exhausts were removed. It's just not comparable to a turbo motor, when you have 6.3 litres which start at around 1,100 rpm and you switch gear again at 7,200 rpm!

Pros and Cons:
Very reliable, main repairs were a rear diff @ 80,000, the motor hood cable got stuck once, and one cat had to be replaced. I had a noise from the servo pump which required a replacement. All the electronics incl. dynamic & electric seats, command, telephone, linguatronic, etc. etc. worked fine, no probs.

An oil analysis at 180,000 kms turned out to be perfect, hardly any particles.

Oil consumption was constant from the beginning; between 0.2 and 0.25 litres / 1,000km. Fuel consumption was between 10.2 and 23 litres with an average of 16.3 litres overall. Not bad for a 2-ton-station-wagon driven at the limit most of the times.

Surprisingly, brake discs at the front were only changed every 50,000kms, at the rear at 150,000kms (some people have them done at 20,000kms). Typres at the back around 20,000 kms (which is good too, as there are specialists acc. to my dealer who need some every 7,000kms).

Cost: Driving an AMG (or a 6.3 or a 6.9 ...) is just expensive. As a private person I wouldn't drive that car. ONE front brake disc is already over 800 Euros. Total cost of all inspections and repairs: 25,700 Euros, Tyres 10,500 Euros.

Summary: It's absolutely fun, but VERY expensive. Don't buy a used one with a small budget, it eats you up. I took really care of the car, never used the power until the oil was properly heated up etc. etc.

With my best regards

P. S.: At kilometre zero: :occasion5:
2008-12-06 - Ubernahme t-modell kompr.jpg

Re: Experiences with 200,000 kms AMG

Posted: Thu 09 Mar, 2017 9:46 pm
by TheMadRacoon
Thanks for posting, Thomas. Always very interesting to get real world figures, even if not directly translatable to our local setting. Still, EUR 4,500 per annum isn't bad at all, although of course depreciation and interest have to be factored in. Less the short-haul airline tickets you didn't have to buy, and your time not wasted to/from/at airports!

Mind you, the depreciation on lots of cars is horrifying but if it's tax deductible....

Glad you enjoyed every moment of it (and to hear it's been reliable).

Re: Experiences with 200,000 kms AMG

Posted: Thu 09 Mar, 2017 10:30 pm
by Ivanerrol
Best thing is.
Here's an example of an AMG being used as it should be - out on the autobahn at high speeds.
Used as a business tool - but that's OK.

Re: Experiences with 200,000 kms AMG

Posted: Fri 10 Mar, 2017 4:02 pm
by T-Modell
of course there were more cost involved. Biggest part definitely the depreciation in value. Also around 16,300 Insurance and Tax and 48,000 Euros for fuel.

All in all it was around 50 EUR-Cent per km without depreciation and 85 EUR-Cent with it. Expensive hobby :rr:


Re: Experiences with 200,000 kms AMG

Posted: Fri 10 Mar, 2017 4:31 pm
by Ivanerrol
Time is money Tomas.
How much time did you save by not hanging around airports and paying for taxis back and forth?
How much in airfares was saved?
And then you had the use of your own vehicle without paying for hire cars or taxis.

And then the enjoyment of a very capable driving car on capable roads.

Re: Experiences with 200,000 kms AMG

Posted: Sat 11 Mar, 2017 1:10 am
by T-Modell
Yea and no Ivanerol,

I have to use the car because most of the time I have too much material to transport. Whenever possible I use the train and the plane. We have a pretty good system of high speed trains here ... and you can work while travelling. That's one reason, why I only made around 25,000 kms/year; in the past I came up to 35-40,000 kms ... my E320 I sold after 3.5 years with 150,000kms ...

I'm also not complaining about the money; the fun was worth it. I just want to send out a warning to - especially young - guys, who think a used AMG is so cheap ... it's not. It's those guys who post questions in forums like "I found the AMG brake disc on ebay for a third of the price, is it any good?" :banghead:


P. S.: One of the best stories ever with that car: we had an Aussie couple over here. We made a day long tour and drove back at night. My wife and I thought, they were asleep in the back, the Autobahn was empty, so I said to my wife, let's try the 300km/h. We made it to the max, not knowing, that they probably prayed a lot :whistle: ... 9 months later we met in Melbourne and that story came up. He said, that he told friends in Melbourne that story, i. e. driving 300km/h. His words were "I saw their minds working ... 100 ... 200 ... 300 ... shaking their heads and couldn't believe it :laughing6: :laughing6: :laughing6:

Re: Experiences with 200,000 kms AMG

Posted: Thu 15 Feb, 2018 3:17 am
by T-Modell
Hi guys,
time marching on ... today I clocked a nice number ... 222,222 kms ... still going strong!
2018-02-14 - 01 - E63T S211 222222km_1024x576.jpg

Re: Experiences with 200,000 kms AMG

Posted: Fri 30 Mar, 2018 5:08 pm
by AMG
Just proves that if a car is properly maintained the km shouldn't be a concern.

It's funny you mentioned the ebay thing.

I recall not long ago someone complaining about the cost of brake pads and rotors for AMG vehicles.

Sure, they're whingeing bastards - most of the time they are exactly as you said... cheapskates.
I guess prevention of a potential fatality isn't worth that much money..... :banghead: :angry5: so they buy used parts from a wrecker.

This mentality is especially prevalent in certain demographic location strip that stretches form arncliffe to liverpool.