Sports Model Benz's - AMG C43's E55's etc thread

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Sports Model Benz's - AMG C43's E55's etc thread

Post by Ivanerrol » Fri 27 Jun, 2014 5:02 pm

You are in the market for or have just bought a sports model Benz.
The list include AMG models, C43's E55's etc etc etc.

These are premium high performance products that were very expensive new mainly because of the customised equipment that comes with them.

Not only do they have go fast engines but also come with hi performance matching suspension and brakes to go with them.
e.g. a friend of mine bought a W210 E36 and found out the hard way that the front brake rotors were not only 3 times as expensive as standard rotors but had to wait two weeks to get them as well.

Here's a quote from Joe (AMG) from another thread
AMG wrote:It's pretty straight-forward.

You purchased an AMG.

You will pay an AMG price premium for the replacement parts, regardless of where you purchase them from.

There are specific part numbers for your Chassis Number. Not a one size fits-all arrangement with off-the-shelf aftermarket parts.
These sports Benz's were and are marketed for a specific purpose. Unfortunately that specific purpose is moot for Australian conditions because of our nanny laws (unless you race them)

Even if you buy one of these cars and don't intend to race and just use it for a daily driver it's of no use corrupting the braking, suspension or handling components for the sake of trying to save a few extra bucks when it comes time to do some replacement. M.B. and AMG division test track tune these cars and supply the optimum equipment in them.

Then there's the law. New ADR laws are being introduced forbidding the altering of vehicles equipped with traction control and or ABS from manufacturers specification.
Generally speaking these ADR laws can be gotten around until you are involved in a serious crash and the authorities and the insurance companies may have a dim view of any alterations from spec made.

I'm of the Joe view - If you buy one of these higher performance specced models be prepared to pay the extra bickies for OEM consumables.
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Re: Sports Model Benz's - AMG C43's E55's etc thread

Post by John Green » Sat 28 Jun, 2014 10:00 am

So I should only use genuine parts in my newly acquired C32?

The biggest cost issue that bites new owners with these are the brakes. However some of the OEM manufacturers are now starting to offer them in there catalogues, so no need to pay MB prices. However I are hoping to not have to do something like by a new supercharger....
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Re: Sports Model Benz's - AMG C43's E55's etc thread

Post by Starman » Sat 28 Jun, 2014 10:14 am

I just had a Roadworthy inspection and the guy (doing it 26 years) said the single biggest risk with Mercs is brake wear. Mine passed first time :dance:
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Re: Sports Model Benz's - AMG C43's E55's etc thread

Post by T-Modell » Sat 28 Jun, 2014 5:12 pm


brake discs for an E430 W210 were around 150 Euros net, for the E63 W211 800 (!) Euros net.

So far (6 years, 145.000kms) only the rear diff gave up the ghost @ 80.000 ... the extended warranty covered that. Would have been expensive ... around 3.500 Euros.

I'll see how I go ... :laughing6:
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