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Seat problem(s)

Posted: Mon 04 Jun, 2018 7:09 pm
by PeterQ
The power to my passenger seat is disconnected as, when connected, the battery flattens overnight.
So today I thought I'd take a look at that, following seeing a YouTube fix which basically cuts the permanent power supply and makes all of the power supply to the seat switched by the ignition key. First problem is that the connector plug referenced in the video only has two wires on my car, not three. So, I disconnected the battery (didn't want to find out if the airbag works), removed the plastic side covers and tried to undo the two torx screws at the front of the seat so that I could tilt it back and get to the black boxes under there. No chance, they are immoveable. So then I removed the seat cushion. Not too hard even if the fastenings are not like the WIS said. Pulled out the cushion, no wires attached to it or any place I could see to do so.
But I did find a 3 core wire dangling in the breeze. The first picture shows three of the connectors, my stray wires come from the back of the connector/socket on the right.
This second shot just shows that the 3 cores are white, brown, and red.
Does anybody know what these are for and where they are meant to go? I'm guessing they've either been pulled from an existing connector or there's a connector missing completely.
Re-attached the control module box (which was hanging loose) and got it all back together but now the SRS light and "Pass air bag off" light are on - any ideas what I may have disturbed there would be appreciated.

Re: Seat problem(s)

Posted: Thu 07 Jun, 2018 10:14 am
by John Green
Passengers seat should have a child recognition pad? Switchs the passenger air bag off if a person under a certain weight sits in it. So should have wires. My guess is that they are there, jut broken.

Re: Seat problem(s)

Posted: Thu 07 Jun, 2018 9:20 pm
by PeterQ
Thanks John, same conclusion that I'm heading towards... which won't fix the battery drain problem, just the problem that I probably created.