KeylessGo issue - 2003 CLK500

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KeylessGo issue - 2003 CLK500

Post by aussiedom61 » Sat 03 Sep, 2016 6:04 pm

Hi everyone - my first post on this forum...

Anyway, the ‘Keyless GO’ function is no longer working for the driver’s door on my CLK500. The passenger side is OK – that door will unlock when the handle is pulled, providing the key is in close proximity. On the driver's side, the door will not unlock when the handle is touched or pulled. Also the door will not lock when I touch the little square pad on the handle (doing this on the passenger side will lock both doors). The driver's side has not worked for a few years, and the stealership here in Canberra advised me that I need a new door handle, over $900 if memory serves.

I’ve been looking on various forums to learn more about this issue. Seems the mechanism that involves the door handle, actuator etc has quite a few individual components. I understand that Keyless GO works on RF for unlocking the doors, and that there would be an antenna somewhere in the door mechanism that would communicate with the key fob. It would seem likely that it is this antenna that is faulty and causing Keyless Go to no longer work for the driver’s door.

I'm keen to be reassured (before spending almost $1000 on a ‘nice to have’ feature that I have lived without for years) that the fault is understood and I am not paying for the replacement of more parts that I need. Can anyone tell me whether, from the symptoms described, I am likely to need one or more of the parts shown in the attached schematic, as opposed to a whole door handle assembly?

Many thanks,

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