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1998 CLK320 and OBD2?

Posted: Sat 18 Apr, 2015 1:26 pm
by Antz
I just purchased a 1998 CLK320. I want to find if I can use an bluetooth OBD2 on it. It does not have an obd2 port anywhere near the dash, allthough I found an empty blanking plug under the dash. I have heard about the 38 pine star connector but do not know if it can be used for real time engine display?

Does anyone know what can or cant be done with OBD2 on the 1998 Australian delivered cars?
Any advice would be a help.


Re: 1998 CLK320 and OBD2?

Posted: Wed 04 Nov, 2015 1:34 pm
by landylro
Unfortunately they are ODB1 and only gives some engine daigs. You can get an ODB1 scanner or an ODB1/2 and you will need an adapter cable. I `bought my scanner and it cable with the cable all from Amazon they will ship it to Aus. The port has a round screw off cap in the engine bay about the size of a 20 cent coin should be easy to find.
Best of luck