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Spark Plugs

Posted: Fri 14 Feb, 2014 10:39 pm
by Wag230
I've tried to PM Mr Green twice in 2 weeks (as they are the site sponsor) but to no avail, so................

How long should it take, and if possible at what cost, to change a set of spark plugs.

Yes, I'll be getting them done by a mechanic, I've changed plugs in a V12 Jag but there's no way I'll attempt these..even the ones I can See :smile:

Re: Spark Plugs

Posted: Sat 15 Feb, 2014 8:56 am
by redlaser
Mr G is not known for quick replies..u're better off to call than type

Re: Spark Plugs

Posted: Sat 15 Feb, 2014 12:12 pm
by Ivanerrol
If you have done a Jag V12 then the Benz should be easy.
There are instructions out there on the web on how to do this. You may need some special tools.

For a M112 see this ... hange.html ... -part.html ... -part.html

Here's a video from Canadian Fupabox on changing V6 spark plugs.

4 Banger ... -m111.html