Which W114?

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Which W114?

Post by Kez » Sun 08 Jul, 2018 4:22 pm

Afternoon all.

So I've just sold my teenage lust - Citroen DS23 injection, and am now looking for a nice W114 to fulfill the childhood lust.

So far everything I've read suggests that, mostly, the mechanics are pretty unburstable if given regular maintenance and that the key thing to be wary of is:

....and more RUST.

As part of fulfilling that childhood dream, I'm looking forward to hearing that gorgeous 'on cam' exhaust note that 6 cylinder Mercedes make....though should ask if that is a sound particular to all Mercedes 6 cylinder engines or predominantly the M180 or M110?

As to cars, I've a preference for the late 1973 and on update models and noting the that people appear to have varying success with the twin carbie set up, and having had a DJet car in the DS, might I be better off with a 280E or is it simply a case of worry about the condition of the actual car first and consider the engine specifications second?

With a DS, it's always car condition then worry about specification.


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Re: Which W114?

Post by Jake » Mon 09 Jul, 2018 10:04 am

Such a subjective wish .
I think you have the primary info at your finger tips (rust rust rust) .

I have had 230 , 250 , 280e , 240D and 300D.

My all time favorite is the 300D . Solid reliability , enough power , modestly economical .
2nd is the 280e , more power , very smooth engine.
The rest were just adding to life experience . :)
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Re: Which W114?

Post by TheMadRacoon » Mon 09 Jul, 2018 9:08 pm

When I was looking at my first Benz, a W115/W114 was the right price range for me. I saw a few different models (and wildly vaying condition) and came to the realisation that if I was going to have a Benz I was going to have one that represented the best they could do. At the time, for me, that meant Technological Sophistication, which translated into 280E. I had a fantastic run (it had only two small rust spots that I treated).

Actually, I drove an immaculate 240D and would have loved that too...it was in better condition than my 280E but I was young and cautious and took the car with full history over a home maintained one. I am sure, looking back, the 240D would have provedn faultless - the owner was an aircraft mechanic and the 240D wasn't complicated. If only OzBenz was around then!

I would apply everything from DS ownership to a Benz. Condition, history, no rust. But you also have to understand what YOU want. It may just mean a longer hunt for the specifications you want.

Both the 280E and 240D are innovative and refined cars in their own ways. I certainly wouldn't drive them the same in a lot of circumstances but, valuing reliability and longevity, I would have loved them the same.

So calibrate your radar then find the best example of what you want.

BTW what was the DS ownership and driving experience like? There's a section for non-Benz related stuff...sure there'd be a lot of fascinated listeners here.
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