Project 'Greta' 1971 250CE

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Project 'Greta' 1971 250CE

Post by 86highliner » Tue 05 Dec, 2017 11:39 am

Good Morning all,

This is a bit of an odd post i suppose, as such i'm hoping that i'm in the right place. About a year ago I came upon a rather sad looking 250CE under a tree near my local hardware shop and during the next twelve months i slowly convinced myself that it was a great idea to try to resurrect her (i think that I was trying to fill a 560SEL shaped hole in my life since I sold my last Benz). Anyhow long story short I made the purchase and set about work, however found a great deal of fiberglass quite well disguised as steel and a raft of questionable body repairs. This, coupled with the surprise but welcome arrival of our daughter, has bought me to the decision that the 250CE either needs to go as a whole to someone who has a spare decade or as parts to a needy recipient.

To be brutal, the body side of things has limited value, i have all of the bright work (though the chrome is average) headlights/tail lights etc. The value of this vehicle is in the D-Jetronic parts - i have got this vehicle running - ECU, MAP sensor, trigger points, fuel pump and injectors appear and perform as though they are in good order (i have also had the vacuum advance module rebuilt on the distributor). The gearbox takes up drive and shifts smoothly (though with only limited brakes I haven't driven far).

So as sad as it makes me its time to sell off either the whole or parts there of. If anyone is interested please let me know, I'm more than happy to pull parts and send or if anyone wants the vehicle as a whole, we are based in Moogerah in Queensland.

Thanks for your time,


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