ML270Di the never wending drama.

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ML270Di the never wending drama.

Post by Mercmad » Sun 17 Dec, 2017 6:38 pm

I have owned this brick for a couple of years now and it was running almost fine until one drive . A quck check of the fluid didn't show anythng wrong,just the usual 7226xx black tarry sludge. So i dropped the pan and installed a new contact plate.. the old plate had a few extra bits...some needle rollers stuck to the speed sensor magnets. Oh well... i flushed the trans,found some more rollers but once reassembled it actually ran OK for a few weeks ,until finally locking up.. :laughing6:
At this point I found a used trans complete with transfer case with 150,000 ks on it. I replaced the contact plate and slipped it into the ML. Well actually I fought with the bugger for three days to get it in .
First drive went well until I stopped and went to drive off. it was in limp home mode so i checked it and a solenoid was dead. Off with the pan and valve body and in with a new solenoid. This time i doubled checked all of the resistances and the cable for oil leakage etc but it was all OK but this time, no drive at all . Again the pan comes off, I check the contact plate and something seemed amiss, there was continuity across the pins. I split it open to find it was really crappie made and some of the copper strips were touching each other. One new plate later, still no joy, So i swapped the TCM. it almost worked but no top gear!
i got a mate to try the latest version of OBDII on it, which said once more a solenoid was working. I pulled the pan, checked everything ,but nothing seemed to be crook .
I found,in the WSM a series of pinouts and the resistances and power feeds form the TCM. Well the TCM failed that,so i tried the First one, also a failure and I would say that both were damaged by the first dodgy contact plate .i still couldn't get the signals from the plate until i noticed that the latest contact plate has a pin missing....arrrgh!!!!. I bit the proverbial bullet and bought a genuine plate and pilot bush ($$$$$$$$$$$!!!!) and installation but still got a code read out, P2502. No top gear basically. At this point i was thinking of dropping the trans and rebuilding it properly .But in the meantime,I realised the TCm was at fault,it's stuck with that code and for some weird reason it cannot be removed . that was , Until last Thursdaywhen i spotted this sad pic on gum tree.
Same year and colour as mine ,the car caught fire while it was driving along the freeway. It looks to me like someone has had the battery out or mucked about with the fuse and it shorted against the body. Everything under the bonnet is melted. but the rest was almost unscathed .
So i dug around under the dash and retrieved the TCM ,which as can be seen is a bit charred...but it works!!
I now have a working trans. If anyone in Brisbane is looking for cheap parts, the owner,Drew is willing to let the rest of it go for $1000. The long engine should be OK and he assures me the trans was working well as was the hi low ratio. His number is 0412479 973
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