Found a 2010 ML350 CDI to buy - Oil seepage!!!

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Found a 2010 ML350 CDI to buy - Oil seepage!!!

Post by darobba » Sat 01 Jul, 2017 10:53 pm

Hi all - New to this forum and was hoping for your advice.

I've found a 2010 ML 350CDI W164 AMG Sports (delivery date November 2010) so I assume it was built late 2010. The vehicle has done 55000km since new - so its hardly been used but has been serviced by mercedes twice and then after that privately (possibly when it was out of warranty) by a relative well known place that specialises in European car services. The vehicle is not being sold by a mercedes dealer.

Prior to purchase I got Redbook to look at the car and he picked up a small "seepage" at the rear of the engine near the bellhousing. I informed the dealer off this and they said they will rectify asap as they had not picked this up on their inspection. They've sent the vehicle to their mechanic who's ordered new parts (which I assume in something inside the bellhousing?) and awaiting the parts before replacing it.
Since this, I've been doing some research online and came across this article that talks about the possibility of oil cooler leaks in this model. I'm wondering whether this is the issue. ... il-cooler/

I've asked for more details from the dealer about what this leak is and am awaiting a response. Should I be looking out for anything else or asking the dealer any more questions regarding this? Also what else should I be looking for in this model prior to purchase? I have an image of the seepage but unsure how to upload it here.
I havent purchased the vehicle yet - i do like it a lot but want to be sure this is nothing serious.
Thanks all!

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Re: Found a 2010 ML350 CDI to buy - Oil seepage!!!

Post by Mickey » Wed 05 Jul, 2017 10:41 am

I also have a 2010 ML350 and have owned it for 3years now. Bought it with 54,000km on it. It has now done 88,000km and has no oil leaks from anywhere. I have needed a new throttle position sensor and a new ignition switch and I had a new set of gloplugs put in but all is clean underneath. You may just have a leaking gasket or it may be a rear main bearing seal or something else. You will have to ask the dealer. Whereas seepage in itself my not be a drama, if leaks get worse then you may have an issue when oil drops onto other important components. As these cars are built in the USA, I don't think the build quality is as good as it could be but I am very happy with the car and its miserly fuel consumption for its size. I have mine serviced by a dealer but I do things like replacing brake pads and brake discs myself. I haven't really heard of anything chronically wrong with this model. The engine has been around for a while so there is seldom a problem there that I know of.

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Re: Found a 2010 ML350 CDI to buy - Oil seepage!!!

Post by compress ignite » Wed 05 Jul, 2017 3:17 pm

The Boys in Texas have "Tagged It"

I don't know how long the Viton Seals last under constant Assault from the OVEN they live in...

BUT This is a well known and "Not too Nice a Job" to replace the original seals.

This is the only fix, though
Unless one were willing to re-plumb the Oil Cooler to a more sensible location.
( Hey, are not there a bunch of German Engineers in Stuttgart whom should have Fixed/Redesigned
this problem BEFORE any of the Vehicles Left the Plant in Tuscaloosa ?)

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Re: Found a 2010 ML350 CDI to buy - Oil seepage!!!

Post by darobba » Thu 13 Jul, 2017 11:26 pm

Thanks guys for your help. The dealer ended up fixing the issue during which time I let them know I was no more interested. Dealer was unhappy and wanted to charge me for the repairs. I ended up losing $1000 of the $4000 deposit I had paid. I assume I could've argued about the situation and I did but just wanted it to be over soon. Extremely bad experience.

Since then I found a w164 2010 ML350 (petrol) at a Mercedes dealer and decided to go for that. Taking delivery in a couple days.

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Re: Found a 2010 ML350 CDI to buy - Oil seepage!!!

Post by Ivanerrol » Fri 14 Jul, 2017 10:18 pm

Oil leaks shouldn't have passed a RWC.
Stealership have a cheek ripping part of your deposit of you.
These oil leaks are a known issue. Should have been rectified by the stealership before the car was put on the floor for sale.
This is potentially one for the fair trade commission.
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Re: Found a 2010 ML350 CDI to buy - Oil seepage!!!

Post by AMG » Sat 15 Jul, 2017 3:04 pm

Go and get yout 1000 bucks back and name the stealership.
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Re: Found a 2010 ML350 CDI to buy - Oil seepage!!!

Post by darobba » Tue 18 Jul, 2017 3:40 pm

Thanks again for your responses and advice. I should've put up a stronger fight. It was a tiny seepage and they told me not to call it an "issue". We did contact the fair trade commission just for advice and they said they could try get all our money back.....but there was no sense of confidence from their end (probably because of the inexperienced person who took our call). At that point in time there were many thoughts going through our mind (eg. what if the stealership forces us to buy the vehicle etc.). We really didn't know our rights. The dealer went on to say they are happy to take the $1000 off the price of any future purchase with them...but of course I am never going back there again. Anyway....we got $3100 back and relieved to put it behind us. I thought the dealer would do the right thing and return the $1000.....wishful thinking these days when one expects people to do the right thing....

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