w124 300d

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sheep farmer
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w124 300d

Post by sheep farmer » Fri 27 Jul, 2018 1:44 pm

hi there
im new member
I used to have w124 260e and sold it a number of years ago and miss it !
im thinking of buying w124 300d 1990 model
im looking at has done 400,000 km but sevived reg can some pls tell things look for like where rust will be?
how kms does trany do before giveing trouble?
and any outher things look for?

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Re: w124 300d

Post by APJAPJ » Sun 29 Jul, 2018 3:56 pm

They are very good cars actually...

My brother has one in QLD which he might be interested in selling, but I bought that one with 420k kms, and it had been owned by a diesel mechanic for 18 years before that so the engine ran very smoothly.

Rust is unlikely to be an issue; if the interior isnt weathered then its unlikely to have been exposed to the elements. There are some very good 300D's so I wouldnt compromise - wait for the right one.

I havent seen rusty australian w124's yet... people talk about jacking points; and the rear subframe, but i think thats more for european cars.

The cost of a trans rebuild is about 2k, so if it needs one use it as a bargaining chip.

Suspension is another element - getting the suspension smooth is worth doing.

Judge the car by how it feels... if they have been well maintained their whole life they should show that in how it drives / brakes / steers / smokes...
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Re: w124 300d

Post by John Green » Sun 29 Jul, 2018 4:47 pm

Most new car buyers of W124 300D's were rural so long tripos in dry climates, mean most of them are still awesome cars. Regards trhe auto, check on how often it has been serviced. From memory the MB spec is 60000km interval, i would be looking for either 30-40000km interval.
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