300TE Transmisson Reverse Gear Failure

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300TE Transmisson Reverse Gear Failure

Post by Greg in Oz » Mon 23 Oct, 2017 11:22 pm

Our older son has suffered a setback with his green 1992 300TE. The auto has been slow to engage reverse recently and then today reverse failed completely. Forward gears are working fine so it has presumably suffered the dreaded B2 piston failure. A transmission rebuild would be the best long term fix but is daunting for a 21 year old with a limited budget. Maybe a used transmission is the way to go. Anyone have a good used 722.3 to suit a 3 litre M103 for sale? Alternatively, can anyone recommend somewhere in Sydney to get his transmission rebuilt without ripping him off? I am a bit time poor at the moment so, as much as I could do the work, I would be happy to let someone else do it. Would prefer to see his 300TE fixed instead of him getting rid of it and buying a Camry as he was suggesting out of frustration this afternoon.
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Re: 300TE Transmisson Reverse Gear Failure

Post by Ivanerrol » Tue 24 Oct, 2017 1:01 am

Recently having two 722.3/4 transmissions in need of repair I have been looking around for half decent second hand units,
Unfortunately age is upon us and reasonable good price units are getting quite rare.
A few months ago I was looking for a good 722.4. Called around the usual suspects including MBSpares and there were none to be had.
Thiefbay didn't have anything looking promising either. Most units for sale had 200K plus on them.

The facts are this. There have been a Gazillion new sub 100K Benz's put on the market since 2000. There are lots of crashes. The big business for wreckers is now genuine body panels. Insurance companies are demanding OEM replacement parts. Hence imported and local panels are now high on the priority for used parts sellers.
A good friend of mine who sells parts no longer deals in second hand old model wrecked car parts. A few years ago these were his bread and butter business.

Pickapart or upullit car mechanical are generally too old to consider.

What I'm inferring here is that a rebuild seems to be the only path.
If you skimp on a rebuild you end up being sorry. A second issue is finding a 722.x specialist who will actually do it for you at all let alone a reasonable price.

A handy DIY with the right aptitude can probably do a rebuild himself - there are plenty of instructions out there on the net. Sourcing the parts in Australia is an issue plus the time to do it.

Only a few days ago I had someone crying in my face that their pride and joy W202 with an excellent body and engine had a 722.6 transmission failure.
A non MB transmission specialist and an old time Benz specialist had forwarded the opinion that this car had reached it's economical life.

Sorry Greg this rant is not helping you or your son. But I sympathize with you.
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Re: 300TE Transmisson Reverse Gear Failure

Post by KimB » Tue 24 Oct, 2017 10:40 am

Hi Greg,

The independent Mercedes specialist that I use, Roland Grellinger at Peninsular Prestige in Narrabeen, uses a tranny specialist in the Eastern Suburbs.

Now, I haven't personally used this fellow, but Roland sends, as far as I know, all his tranny work to this guy. I've seen the quality of work done on other customers' car trannys and it looks pretty good.

Maybe give Roland a ring on 9913 3115 and have a chat?

Hope this helps.

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Re: 300TE Transmisson Reverse Gear Failure

Post by MMWA » Tue 24 Oct, 2017 6:50 pm

reverse is the easiest to access, its piston is on the back side of the front pump. did it have grinding noises along with the slow engagement? Its possible the friction disks were end of life - the piston will over extend and start rubbing where it shouldn't. The piston may of way over extended and blown its seal out.

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Re: 300TE Transmisson Reverse Gear Failure

Post by EdCox » Tue 24 Oct, 2017 6:55 pm

Roland may send them to Merc-Talk in Botany. I've never had any work done there, but have visited and remember it looking like a tidy, organised place. The guy working there was pleasant if I remember.

4/23 Aylesbury St Botany
+61 2 9316 7303

Just make sure you always park nose up on a hill - solved.

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