Fitting seat covers

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Fitting seat covers

Post by Finny » Sat 07 Feb, 2009 12:04 pm

I am looking to install sheepskin seat covers to the front seats on my 300SEL. (and headrest also) :D

I have seen many different types on cars, and especially like the ones that seem to be moudled to the seat but still open at the rear. 8)

I assume I can't just go and buy the ones from Supercheap or Repco ?
Are they especially made ? and does anyone know who does them in Brisbane, north side preferred.

If you can install them yourself are there any special tricks to putting them on.
Doesn't appear to be too much space underneath the seats, with electrics everywhere.
WANT ONE OF EVERTHING, got one so far..........

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Re: Fitting seat covers

Post by Hendrik » Sun 08 Feb, 2009 11:16 am

No real secrets there, basically you get what you pay for, good quality ones are the go because they fit well, don't slide around (if fitted properly)and will last. Cheap ones will not fit properly and may well disintegrate with heat/UV.
Saw a cheap set in a 380SE wreck the other day, the tops of them are buggered and basically turning to dust , which would go all through the car and make a big mess.
On the other hand I pulled a pair of quality front ones out a 123 wreck and put them in my TE but because the ties where buggered I could not get them fitted as well as I liked but they work well enough for now and one day I may get around to fixing them up but for 5 bucks I am not complaining. They even have the Benz logo on them :shock: and yes they are a good thing, specially when it is hot or cold.
Far as fitting them onto your car, it is a matter of working out the routing to make sure they don't foul on anything, perhaps removing the seat could be the go to fit them real good. This is a matter of going the extra mile to do a first class job the first time around.
However quality costs, expect to pay around 500-700 for a pair of fronts (including head and armrest). Alternatively try the wreckers/stealbay.

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Re: Fitting seat covers

Post by Ivanerrol » Sun 08 Feb, 2009 11:24 am

Hendrik is correct here. Proper custom made seat covers are a snug fit and it's much easier to remove the seats and fit them.

The proper custom mades have the cutouts for the armrests and adjusting buttons and levers.
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