Leatherique - anyone used it? Looking for tips or advice

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Leatherique - anyone used it? Looking for tips or advice

Post by helgathe109 » Thu 12 Nov, 2015 9:20 am

Hey guys,

The beige leather in my 109 300SEL is in need of a restoration.. I'd like to keep the original leather where possible, so this means avoiding a retrim. I realise this means I'm not going to get it looking brand new, and I'm fine with that, but if I could give it a lift or maybe knock 10 years off it, that would be great.

The main areas I'd like to work on are arm rests, bolsters of front seats, and re-colouring to bring faded areas back up to a shade that is similar to the unfaded areas.

YouTube vids of leatherique restorations look amazing. I'm assuming this will be a little more difficult on the benz given the perforated AND pleated leather on the seat faces, but if armrests, bolsters and door cards could be brought up to a better standard this would lift the interior dramatically.

Has anyone here used it? Were you successful, or more importantly, unsuccessful?

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Re: Leatherique - anyone used it? Looking for tips or advice

Post by kimrh » Thu 12 Nov, 2015 10:46 am


http://www.benzworld.org/forums/w126-s- ... estoration

Zymol products are the choice of show car owners and i am told their their leather cleaner is very good - as the first step process to clean the leather but i and lots of other owners have used leatherique products with great success in restoring/dyeing etc and highly recommend it.

Above is one of the best home resto jobs i have ever seen on an a W126 interior leather by Nic ("Greeney") in the UK and he provides full details on how he approached it to do the job well and result was just amazing considering the state of the leather before as the pics tell
Have a good read and enjoy
Of Note- When i wanted some dye mixed up by leatherique i sent him my rear seat bottom insert cushion and he colour matched it which was very handy.
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Re: Leatherique - anyone used it? Looking for tips or advice

Post by AMG » Thu 12 Nov, 2015 12:54 pm

The distributors websie actually has a very good set of detailed instructions. If you follow them, then the results will speak for themselves.

Many people have used Leatherique products. The caveat is that to do the job properly, you should not be in a hurry. Conditioning the leather takes time, and removing all the contaminants is also a time consuming process. You can't complete it in a weekend, or even a week. The process works, if you give it the necessary time.
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Re: Leatherique - anyone used it? Looking for tips or advice

Post by brother benz68 » Thu 12 Nov, 2015 3:36 pm

I have used Leatherique on a number of projects for lounges, but also on my W107 450slc. The leather on the front seats of my car were quite bad, but after stripping the old colour back and recolouring the end result was amazing and looked factory fresh. The product is also durable. I did the entire interior.
Its quite expensive though but through experience I penny pinched by using acetone with steel wool instead of the leatherique prepping agent (be very careful and ask me for more detail). The penetrating oil is also great; after coating the seats with the oil using a paint brush, I cover the seats in glad wrap and park the car in the sun with windows up. Sounds bad but this helps to open pours of the leather. Also rubbing it in with your hands helps as well. If you want to do it cheaply, you can substitute penetrating oil with olive oil, but smells a bit more and use a little at a time because it can make the leather soggy which you don't want.

The colour dye is brilliant though and the match I got (Blue) was fantastic. No substitute for this quality stuff. They will need a sample of coloured leather which you might be able to get from cutting underneath the back seat from excess leather.

The process is time consuming but worth it, and you will save a heap from re-trim. But as you are a first time user I would stick to the system and adhere to the instructions but you can PM me if you want to know how I did mine in more detail.


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Re: Leatherique - anyone used it? Looking for tips or advice

Post by pastelgrey300D » Fri 13 Nov, 2015 12:35 pm

Some old threads have some info on this - check these out:


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