Seat replacement (and door Panel replacement)

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Seat replacement (and door Panel replacement)

Post by The_Wolf » Thu 14 Oct, 2010 10:53 am

Hi all,

Just a question related to my 1989 200E ... I've got the standard issue Vinyl seats. They're in great nick, no doubt about that, the very odd bit of piping has gone around a few edges, other than that they may as well be new.

My query: I've got a couple of door panels that are loose - that is, the inside panels have come off their retaining bolts/glue etc., so, need to replace two of them anyway.

I've seen the ones around with the wood grain trim, in black - they look great in my opinion, but would obviously probably best suit black interior as well with regard to the seats themselves.

So, that's where the seats come in: suggestions on whether there is an effective thing you can "recolour" the std grey vinyl black, and some opinions on just total seat replacement.

Be real nice to replace these with black leather seats one day - to that end, what models of seats that appear in other vehicles (such as the 230 or 260, a number of 300E's etc...) might be a good fit the Merc I have?

Look forward to any tips on this.

"The Grey Wolf" is my W124 200E, primed and ready to pounce on all in its path ;)

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