Engine conversion W140 - '94 S320 -> M119 4.2 V8

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Engine conversion W140 - '94 S320 -> M119 4.2 V8

Post by Hallivand » Mon 06 Mar, 2017 5:21 pm

Hey everyone,

First time poster and recently acquired an S320 - in beautiful condition and for an absolute bargain (3.5k!) @ 174k on the clock registered. Wondering if anyone has any insight into retrofitting the 4.2 (potentially the 5.0 too) from a similar year model chassis. Whether there's any difference in bell housing, significant electrical differences (I believe 95+ ties ignition to VIN?).

Cheers in advance, here's a pic of the old girl.


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Re: Engine conversion W140 - '94 S320 -> M119 4.2 V8

Post by Ivanerrol » Mon 06 Mar, 2017 5:48 pm

As the saying goes - anything is possible given the amount of funds thrown at it.

Wouldn't be worth the dollar value to go from a six to the eight.
If you did consider it I wouldn't bother about the 4.2 - go straight for the 5.0

You need to remember that your car falls into the dreaded biodegradable engine wiring harness era.

If you have one of these and it's in excellent condition - just drive it as it is. There's just about nothing short of the Maybach to compare to it's ride and ambience.
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Re: Engine conversion W140 - '94 S320 -> M119 4.2 V8

Post by brycedunn » Sat 11 Mar, 2017 6:04 pm

W140s are not very expensive.

if you want an 8 (or even a 12) then you would be much better off selling your current car and buying a car that came that way originally. It will be much cheaper than changing the engine of your current car.
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