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Post repair stress disorder

Posted: Thu 28 Apr, 2016 9:17 am
by PeterQ
Just replaced the RH front airmatic strut. All OK, biggest difficulty was getting the upper ball joint to separate. Disconnected the battery while working on it. Now its telling me ESP, BAS, and Airmatic need me to go to the workshop. Is this just a reset I need, or might I have dislodged any wires in there? I obviously had to disconnect the wire from the strut but that's back in place, apparently OK. All has otherwise worked as hoped/planned - the car has not done it's low rider impression for four mornings now, whereas it used to drop at the front every night.
Need to get these warnings fixed though.

Re: Post repair stress disorder

Posted: Thu 28 Apr, 2016 8:11 pm
by Tony From West Oz
It is possible you may have dislodged a wheel speed sensor.
Some fault codes are spurious and will disappear after the car is driven a few times, others need to be reset, sometimes they prevent normal operation also (eg. limp home mode)
Drive the car a couple of times and see what happens.
In the meantime search out a good local independent Mercedes mechanic who can hook the car up to the diagnostics computer and read / reset the codes.


Re: Post repair stress disorder

Posted: Fri 29 Apr, 2016 9:44 pm
by PeterQ
Thanks Tony. I plan to hook up my Autoaid diagnostic thingy tomorrow to see what it says, but I will first take a look behind the wheel at the sensor connections.

Re: Post repair stress disorder

Posted: Sun 15 May, 2016 3:39 pm
by PeterQ
The plugs up in the wheel well looked like they were fine but were not pushed home. It still took a few starts and runs to clear. Finally put in a new battery - my diagnostic had been unable to reset due to low voltage - and it then cleared and stayed clear.
Meanwhile, the low rider look is gone.