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Post by pina4greg » Wed 26 Sep, 2018 5:57 pm

I have a noise coming from the drivers side front of the engine in my 1992 300se. I have been advised its probably the Air Injection/smog pump. I took the steps and removed the serpentine belt to check the pulleys and all seems ok sideways grinding when spinning by hand.

I was tempted to removed the pump altogether but just disconnected the electrical connection to the clutch. when I put all things back the noise is still there...goes for about 20 seconds then off....once warm nothing....don't believe its the belt...

a new pump is quite expensive...$1200 original or new......400 or so remanufactured in the USA...they want a core exchange for about $260...

Any ideas????

Cheers and safe driving

1992 W140 300se

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