New W210 owner

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New W210 owner

Post by hitmanau » Sat 23 Sep, 2017 11:55 pm

Hey guys,

Picked up my 2001 W210 E200 Kompressor today and I'm loving it, I got into it very cheap so its got 288000km.
I've just finished fixing some things in it, cigarette lighter wasnt working so checked fuse, was blown. Then Windows stopped going down and interior lights wouldn't work... Fuse again, what a pain it Is to get to the under sest fuse box, especially since I had just mounted the kids seats in the back lol although easiest back seat removal I've done in a car.
Everything all working again I turned to the key as it was sometimes locking but mostly not, all other buttons worked fine.
Pulled the key apart and a little red plastic bit fell out. This is what presses the micro switch down on the pcb when you press the unlock button. So with the key apart completely I glued the red piece back in (ill get a second key soon once I figure out where in VIC and how much). Key working fine now too.
So these minor issues aside its solid, has factory glass sunroof and the sports undercar with the lightweight 17s on it.

Looking forward to annoying you all with questions and updating as i find stuff out.

P.s. I do wish it had an aux in

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