W211 Turbo/ boost issue

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W211 Turbo/ boost issue

Post by vouli01 » Wed 14 Jun, 2017 10:40 am

Hello all,

1st id like to say hello, i just joined this site after reading a fair bit about the car, sorry is a 2008 e280 cdi 3L V6

Ok so the reason im posting is i have an issue :(

My car was going great for the entire 7 weeks i owned it, yay, then it had an engine light come on.
I had one of those cheap scanners and it told me turbo solenoid
(the car basically had no acceleration and the accelerator wouldnt actually allow the transmission to kick down)

Anyway i removed the actuator and gave it to a mate who works with electronics, he replaced the motor and little plastic gear, he also said he tested the circuit board and everything was great.

So i refitted it, got rid of the fault code and no improvement....so after pulling my hair out i took it to a merc garage and they used their scan tool and cleaned the code, they also found a oxygen sensor issue)

since then the car drives great for half hour then bang no power, so i pull over restart and bingo power again for half and hour......but no engine light and no fault code

the same garage said they dont know wtf is going on if its coming back and going again......can someone shed some light plzzzzzzzzzz?

Wondering if O2 sensor is capable of affecting boost control?

Thanks in advance

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Re: W211 Turbo/ boost issue

Post by Bartman4800 » Wed 14 Jun, 2017 1:43 pm

How many kay's has the engine done?

Turbo's are known to fail around the 150.000 km mark.

Could just be that your turbo is seizing up, which can be intermittent.

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Re: W211 Turbo/ boost issue

Post by AMG » Wed 14 Jun, 2017 7:57 pm

1. Fill in your user profile (user control panel) so that people may be able to locate you and provide you with nearby assistance - or recommendations.

2. Your issue is impossible to diagnose without understanding greater detail, and this is not something that could be easily diagnosed with just a scan tool and a reset.

3. Let us know where you're located, and who is looking after your vehicle.

4. There are a lot of components, sensors and the like which interact, and any singular one may prevent the engine from making full power - this is often the case with limp-home modes which are designed to prevent further (expensive) damage to the engine / transmission.
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Re: W211 Turbo/ boost issue

Post by vouli01 » Fri 30 Jun, 2017 12:53 pm

sorry im from Port Stephens just North of Newcastle in NSW
And since i posted this car is sweet, well it wont go into limp mode anyway, but throttle seems a bit slow to kick down, then again i havnt owned the car that long before it had an issue so unsure if its normal

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Re: W211 Turbo/ boost issue

Post by Ivanerrol » Sat 01 Jul, 2017 12:42 am

The EGR system on these cars needs to be maintained and cleaned out regularly.
Crap coming through the EGR system gets into the Turbo's and causes havoc.

Overseas experience has shown that the best quality MB specced detergent style oil should be used and change it more often than than the stealership guides say.
There are particulate filters that should be changed.

Use the best fuel you can find. Avoid those filling stations with the slow turn over of fuel.
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Re: W211 Turbo/ boost issue

Post by vouli01 » Tue 04 Jul, 2017 1:47 pm

Ok thanks for all your help but i did a tranmission rest and going like a train again thanks, looks like my mate fixed the actuator after lol

Also just for curiosities sake i did a reboot on the old mans e240 w211 and instant improvement in the responsiveness, it always had a bit of lag...

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