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Is there a fuse for the UHI connector

Posted: Fri 05 May, 2017 8:30 am
by Ausbluebear
My newly purchased E280 CDI 2006 W211 MY07 came without any phone connectivity accessories, I managed to pick up a good condition Viseeo MB-4 handsfree bluetooth adapter on ebay (I met the guy in person and he seemed genuine, I couldn't test the device at the time of purchase).

Alas the MB-4 doesn't light up when installed and at this point I want to prove that the UHI is working or doesn't have a blown fuse or whatever I need to check; after that I will consider For King and country out to have the mb-4 checked.

Can anyone assist me in how to go about checking the UHI, eg I can't find any reference to fuses or the like

Thanks in advance,

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