What material for R170 roof liner?

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What material for R170 roof liner?

Post by berntd » Wed 28 Mar, 2018 9:05 am

I need to redo my headliner as it has come down.
What material is everyone else using and where can I get it?

I tried to re-use the original vinyl but that failed as the contact glue bubble it up.
I also tried the waterbased contact from Selly's Kwik fit and that stuff is a real disaster and only ever adhered like sticky tape at best.

So I have been to 2 trim shops and asked about redoing it and both are as exensive, slow and useless as the next.

"What car is that for mate?"
"Ohh, let me see... that will cost around $650 +GST"


Next I wanted to use Alcantara suede for material but where do I get it?

When I tried to get help here last week, the forum was down as well. Lukily it is back up although it does not work for typing. (I had to cut and paste this message in from another editor)

The frustration is mounting but I am still hopeful someone here will have a suitable answer for me.

Best regards

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