A few questions about cost of sl500 r129

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A few questions about cost of sl500 r129

Post by Markpl » Sat 09 Jul, 2016 4:07 pm

Hi everyone

Have couple of questions about maintenance cost of sl 500 r129. I'm from Europe and honestly parts and labor are cheaper then in Oz. Every workshop can handle mb and is easy to find second hand parts etc for this car. Problem is that I'm not sure how it looks like in Australia.

Me and my gf thinking about this car for her. She would drive to work everyday (10 min) and do some stuff around the corner so it would be daily car.

Checked already price for basic stuff like oil filter, air filter etc and price is normal. Nothing special. But how it looks like with a bit more complicated things like roof parts or air con parts. I've heard that suspension is bloody expensive...

Can anybody share some parts prices with me? I just don't know what to check, what is the weakest or most expensive part of this car?

We want spend around $35k and car with less then 100k on the clock.

Appreciate every single helping post from you guys. Just don't want stuck with car which gonna destroy my budget.

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