Coolant light

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Coolant light

Post by Joy » Fri 02 Oct, 2015 2:05 pm

Hello everyone. My name is Joy, and I have just joined this Forum.
I own a 2002 SLK230 Kompressor, which has done 45,000 ks. When I turn my heater, or AC on, my coolant light comes on. I have taken it to Eauropean Auto's, who specialise in Merc's, and he's telling me I need to replace my Radiator fan module, at a cost of $600! NZ Dollars (the little grey box thingy with fins on it, ) He says because of my cars age, but geez at only 45'000 k's you would think they would last longer than that! My temp does not go up, and my coolant level stays the same, tis only when I turn that dam fan switch on! Any other suggestions before I fork out that much coin?

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