Rear wheel bearings

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Rear wheel bearings

Post by GREENPEDRO » Thu 03 May, 2018 8:38 pm

Hi all,
I am suspicious that the rear wheel bearings on Pedro need replacing. Is this a difficult job for a non-mechanic person like me. (Just handy with tools)
Secondly, I have been looking at the procedure to replace the drive axles and wondering if I may as well do these at the same time as the bearings.
There are some strange noises coming from the rear end, particularly when going around a right hand corner or turning right around a round-a-bout.

Mates and myself had the car up on a mates hoist the other day and there did not appear to be a lot of play in the drive axles however, the right hand rear wheel could be moved (rocked) a little by hand when on the hoist, the left hand side was solid.
Given that Pedro has done 636,000 Ks, and not knowing what has been done in the past, just wondering if I should replace all rear bearings and drive axles ??

Thanks for any thoughts from the brain trust.

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Re: Rear wheel bearings

Post by Henry Schuman » Fri 04 May, 2018 3:36 am

Depending on what chasis model Pedro is you could be in for a challenge on the Rear Wheel Bearings .I have seen cars with welll over 600 thousand miles still in good condition. Some specialized pullers and installers may be required .
As for the noise when turning it could be the Torsion bar link on that side worn out (easy repair !) just remove the wheel and look behind the brake plate and you will see the culprit . Axels if for instance on the 123 series do go out and or the Boots fail and can be rebuilt with the proper tools or new ones can be purchased . Me personally have had bad luck with New cheap after market ones and some Rebuilt ones as well.
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Re: Rear wheel bearings

Post by GREENPEDRO » Fri 04 May, 2018 7:02 pm

Thank you Henry for some sound ideas.
Pedro, according to it's chassis number was originally ordered in Stutgart Germany, then went to the UK, then converted to right had drive, then ended up in OZ so yes, it could be an unusual case with wheel bearings.
If I did do the axles etc I would use genuine (or as close to) parts.
I will check the torsion bar links but I am pretty sure we renewed them on rebuild.
Cheers, Larry

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Re: Rear wheel bearings

Post by tsharkey » Sat 05 May, 2018 5:41 pm

Hi - Some RHD cars were delivered in Stuttgart - One of my 300TDs was ...

If it was delivered LHD, it will have a VIN WDB123 190 1 .......

190 = 300TD
1 = LHD

If it was delivered RHD, it will have a VIN WDB 123 190 2 ........

I also have a W123 300TDTurbo converted LHD to RHD and then ADR Complied - Its number is WDB123 193 1 ...... John G knows more about it than me as it lived most of its life in the ACT
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Re: Rear wheel bearings

Post by 300TDT » Sun 06 May, 2018 2:09 pm

I just had my RHR bearings and hub done. 390,000km.
Significant movement and noise. Quite dangerous.
It's a big job. Was quoted $600.
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Re: Rear wheel bearings

Post by GREENPEDRO » Thu 10 May, 2018 8:07 pm

Thanks all for the advice, about to put Pedro on stands and commence the stripping process to assess the bearings ect.
Not expecting an easy go of it but will hopefully learn something.
Will get back to you all.

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