280te values ?

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280te values ?

Post by Carl » Thu 05 Apr, 2018 8:09 pm

Opinions sought....

280te no rust..needs respray, windscreen, different engine and auto and steering box.
Have the motor, trans and steering box.

Strip for parts, get the car fixed up and running or fixed up re painted and running.

Does the value of these cars warrant much work? Values seem to be all over the place...

Thoughts welcome...
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Re: 280te values ?

Post by cuisses » Thu 05 Apr, 2018 11:14 pm

An opinion:

The answer probably depends on if you intend to keep the car or sell it. Station wagons are obviously a niche market - hardly the thing most car enthusiasts would drool over - but then of course some people like Volvos, and there is obviously a small but enthusiastic following for finnie station wagons.

If you intend to keep it then you will already have some idea of what you are prepared to spend.

If you intend to sell it then you have to guess what a potential buyer would be prepared to pay - and then actually find that buyer. What you are proposing sounds like a lot of work - even if you do it yourself. A good respray for example is many thousands, and if you do it yourself then it is a lot of time.

My guess is that it is not "worth it" to sell, only to keep, cherish and drive.
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Re: 280te values ?

Post by tsharkey » Fri 06 Apr, 2018 9:29 am

David pretty much covers it.

Some additional thoughts
- Seems you have all the parts - Will you be fitting yourself as a workshop will probably want between $2K to $3K to fit and you have to find one that is comfortable with a K Jet M110 ?
- When you say "respray" - Is it because the paint has faded and a good cut and polish will make it look presentable ?
- The unique wagon parts may fetch a premium, but not that much any more.

As a guide,
1. This time last year I bought a 300TD factory turbo with great body, faded paint and a motor that hemorrhages oil for less than the cost to transport it. For the moment, it is sitting in a corner as a spare wagon until I need it or I have some spare time.
2. A few years ago, my brother blew up his M102 and we swapped the engine over ourselves. Although straight forward as we had a spare but still a biggish job. He loves the vintage hearse wagon look and was prepared to fund the backyard job.

IMHO - It is only worth putting together if you can do it yourself and you intend to use it as a daily driver. I wouldn't bother with the respray unless it is multicolour panels or surface rust is showing through.
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Re: 280te values ?

Post by Carl » Fri 13 Apr, 2018 9:20 pm

Thanks guys for the feedback helped to clarify things.
Yes a very limited market for wagons and with the work needed decided today to have it reduced in size to one cubic metre.
Pulled off the parts I needed.
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