Pillarless Coupe 230CE restoration underway

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Pillarless Coupe 230CE restoration underway

Post by unheardofinstruments » Sun 04 Mar, 2018 2:04 am

I have been doing up a nice 230ce I got from a friend. I think it is a nice looking version of a w123 and it was pretty unmolested, looked like it might have spent a long time sitting before the engine rebuild judging by the rust being on the gutter side and the sunburn. I had to weld a lot of floor back in under the passenger seat, weld up an exhaust leak and replace the ring shaped gaskets, rebuild brakes, fuel was very stale, (new filter, cleaned the tank,) I needed a child restraint for rego (!) and a few bulbs and I got vintage rego for it a few months ago and have been really enjoying driving it. 99.9% of the body is great although the paint being silver is powdrey/sunburnt on top and there are small signs of small previous surface rust repairs coming back in a few of the normal corners. Otherwise very straight, replacing window rails to get the power windows going properly, (the back ones actually go up and down inside the body too) and refurbishing the mechanisms and a few electrical gremlins, bits of internal trim to fix, alternator just failed so will fit a spare in soon, exhaust bashed the ground and needs to be redone and I have CV's to put in and a drag link to fit and she will be great, not investigated the non working sunroof but have a spare glass one for it if I can get it to whir it might be ok. It feels lighter and more responsive than you would think, the wheelbase is only marginally shorter and it is only a few hundred kilo lighter than the 4door but it feels much racier to drive. The engine has had $4800 spent on a complete rebuild recently at 100,000 but it already has 120000 miles on it because I drive a lot out here in the country. She runs really well and 100kW is enough but the towbar was a bit of an ambitious addition as a decent trailer was a strain for the torque of the smaller 2.3 4cylinder petrol. I am really loving driving it but was thinking I might sell her as I am needing capital for my business teaching guitar making and want to do up my 300td next and finish my DIY EV rx7 and something has to give. I tried to find out what they go for, found one in England for 30,00aus and a rusty one for 6000, there is one on gumtree for 12000 at the moment with no takers for a few weeks now and one in the phillipines for 10,000. I was looking to buff the paint and see if it can be made prettier and fix the few remaining niggly bits and see what it might fetch, what is a decent price for such a nice runner in the opinion of the forum members I wondered? Blue interior, would love to have the money to paint it a metallic emerald green/black and get the new seals for the doors ($420) and just drive it every now and then but I have to scale down my car collection and pay the rent. I will get some pictures up...I have a load of spares for w123 so will be posting some parts up soon too.

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Re: Pillarless Coupe 230CE restoration underway

Post by tsharkey » Mon 05 Mar, 2018 9:19 am

Great work
unheardofinstruments wrote:
Sun 04 Mar, 2018 2:04 am
not investigated the non working sunroof but have a spare glass one for it if I can get it to whir it might be ok.
Hi - I am intrigued - Do you mind my asking how you came by a glass one, and how that will bolt into the Sunroof Cassette (would be interested in creating my own moon roof)

Price on your 230CE ? They were never sold here but would be more fuel efficient that the bigger 280CE. Parts not an issue either as between a 230E and 280CE, the whole vehicle is covered. There are not many coupes as daily drivers now and most folk would shy away given the age, so you would be appealing to the sunday drive set, and they will demand tip top condition. I would look at prices of 280CE and stick a premium on that for a more fuel efficient offer. Maybe send it back to the UK and get better money ?
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