w123 wreck in melbourne 22/11/17!

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w123 wreck in melbourne 22/11/17!

Post by 230ew123 » Wed 22 Nov, 2017 3:40 pm

Heads up! there is a w123 300d being wrecked at kilsyth picka presently. Someone already bagged the mid side trims (except rear left quarter) and front bumper, I bagged the rear bumper, left side mirror and got some of the chrome front vents under the wiper blades all for $60. I was hoping for a non bogged non rusty front lhf door but alas the rust on the front one is worse than what I already have (it is not too bad, just a bit worse than what I already have), kind of prefer a bit of well executed bog than rust..(rear door is good) but as usual the glass clamp has some rust..

all panels are there on the 22nd november 17, and not too shabby, straight, no dings nor bog, bonnet and boot good, the interior is in good nick too (no rips or stains), glass, engine and sperry steering pump is still there,

was tempted swap over the rear seat and grab the a/c compressor...

they usually crush them within 3-4 weeks..

(whoops..sorry guys about the parts wanted, should have read before dropping in at the wreckers, too far) shall share the love more thoroughly in future..

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Re: w123 wreck in melbourne 22/11/17!

Post by tsharkey » Wed 22 Nov, 2017 4:22 pm

What do you want the AC compressor for ... You dismantled your system !

I stocked up on that one.

- IP (Sister in laws is allegedly kaput)
- Glow Plug relay
- Bonnet catch
- Battery tray
- Side trims excl rear LH + RH
- Boot trim
- Injectors
- Accelerator linkages

$100 the lot .....

Bonnet has been bogged at some stage, didn't check the doors as I have plenty of those. LH Guard had rust at bottom, RH was good, someone found glued on and bent it trying to remove so I reluctantly left it.
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Model you own: w123
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Re: w123 wreck in melbourne 22/11/17!

Post by 230ew123 » Wed 22 Nov, 2017 4:55 pm

good to know you are on to it buddy!

I look forward to owning a diesel wagon one day..

only half interested in a/c mostly for demisting the windscreen when it rains, but as far as I can see the a/c is a bit of pia and not the best system and expensive to set up, requires re-gassing, uses more fuel and gives less access to the rest of the engine bay...perhaps once I have eliminated all leaks and have everything close to perfect and pretty I shall really be interested..
happy with hot summers and cold winters and go with it

brakes and sagging arse are probably my next issues

just did the rear sway bar links, piece of cake and well worth doing, no more clunking

well spotted bog on the bonnet, didn't have a real good look as I don't need one, and it was very, very hot in the sun..but overall, the car would have been quite good when it came in..

looking forward to the brakes adventure in Jan..

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