buzzer - if headlights left on

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buzzer - if headlights left on

Post by 280Ejim » Wed 01 Nov, 2017 10:15 pm

This 'lights left on' buzzer on my 1982 280E works - sometimes. The courtesy light comes on when opening the door, so this switch seems to be OK. If this is a common problem, and there is a fix, I'd be grateful for advice. The buzzer sound, when it works, appears to come from the vicinity of the instruments. Is it a simple thing to replace ? Thanks a lot for any help. jim

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Re: buzzer - if headlights left on

Post by tsharkey » Wed 01 Nov, 2017 10:57 pm

The buzzer is on the back of the instrument cluster - square aluminium box, can't miss it, on the back Fuel, Oil and Temp circuit board which the cluster plug connects to as well. It relies on the key being out of the ignition *+ve applied, dash lights on +ve applied and door open -ve earth applied. I rely on it to prevent leaving the lights on during the day !
You probably don't have the seatbelt part.
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