[QLD] Jan 2012 Downshift x JDM x Euro OPEN MEET

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[QLD] Jan 2012 Downshift x JDM x Euro OPEN MEET

Post by Mr Focus » Sat 24 Dec, 2011 7:26 pm

Taken from the JDMST forum
It's time to kick this up a notch. NSW and VIC are quickly catching up in terms of size and quality of meets. We cannot allow this to happen.

So we're going to kick off the new year in style, and with a taste of things to come. The meet will be open to all people with a JDM or Euro car.

There will be a gold coin donation per person at entry to pay for public liability insurance. This is the only way we can afford to hold the meet, so I ask that you donate generously. If we get sufficient money, we will be doing more entertaining activities in the future, all in a legal, and officially condoned way, off-street ;)

To be able to keep this as a regular meet, it is important that you follow the CONDITIONS OF ATTENDANCE
  • YOU are responsible for the guys you bring to the meet, and hang with. If they act like idiots, we will find out who it was. Brisbane is a very small place. In addition, we will be recording number plates for both insurance and policing purposes.
  • THROW RUBBISH IN THE BIN. There's bins - use them. We will have trolleys with garbage bags if the bins get too full.
  • Dont do skids, laps, rev engine, be antisocial in any way. This goes for you people at the end too.
  • Plates will be recorded and forwarded to the cops, depending on how much of a dickhead you are. Dropping skids in the carpark will definitely qualify for 13HOON.

Date: Tuesday 10 January 2012
Meet at DFO Jindalee upper carpark at 6.30pm. DEPARTING 6:45pm SHARP.
Arriving at Queensland Raceway approx 7:15pm. We will be using the short-track drift area to park up, behind the canteen.

This one is going to be big boys and girls, come along and bring your sensible friends. See you there!


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