Previously owned cars

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Re: Previously owned cars

Post by OzBenzHead » Wed 24 May, 2017 7:21 pm

One of Central Australia's most eclectic collections of vintage cars discovered at deceased estate ... ed/8547878

A thousand (+) cars! (But no Benzes visible or mentioned.)
Currently owned:
1965 W112 300 SE/C (Béla – after Béla Barényi)
1983 C126 380 SEC
(Bruno – after Mr Sacco)

2003 BA Falcon ute
and formerly:
1955 W180 220a (Ponty)
1965 W111 220 S (Hektor the Heckflosse)
1970 W108 280 SE – my first Benz (Karl)
1973 W116 280 SE Crayford Estate – previously owned by Rolf Harris (der Rolfwagen)
1975 W116 450 SE (Goldy Horn)
1980 W116 280 SE (Boris)
1989 W124 300 E (Hester)
1992 W201 180 E (Baby I)
1992 W201 190 E 2.0 (Baby II)
+ numerous W108 and W116 rolling spares

and prior to my M-B enlightenment:
53 other cars of many nations, but mostly British oil-leakers (including 14 Rovers of the 50s and 60s) cursed by Lucas the Prince of Darkness. First car owned (at age 13): 1953 Fiat.

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Post by Tony From West Oz » Wed 24 May, 2017 11:51 pm

OK, where to start?
My first car was a 1951 Morris Minor on which I had to repair the brakes and LF guard (because of the poor brakes) I rebuilt the motor 3 times due to excessive RPM. Good learning about pulling engines in and out, having them rebored, crankk reground, new bearings. Just didn't learn to drive according the the vehicle's capability.

Then a Brand New Skoda 1100, which I had for 3 months before someone tail ended me, writing it off.
Then a Morris Marshall (similar to the Austin Westminster A105) which surprised all of the Holden owners in stock condition.
Then a Renault Dauphine, which was destroyed by an oncoming driver turning right across my lane without looking.
Then a Hillman Minx Wagon - My first slush box - Didn't like it much but it was reliable until the tranny gave up the ghost.
Holden HR 186 2 speed auto (wow, what lack of performance)
Datsun 1200
Then a new Datsun 180B which traveled back and forwards to Carnarvon while I was at Radio Australia for a year or 2.

A fowlcan wagon.
a Nissan Urvan diesel
A Mazda Capella (my second diesel, first to use Veggie oil)
Then I found Mercedes diesels
AN '80 300D sedan
Another 300D for my wife ('82)
A 280E which I made into a 300D and sold
A 280CE which I made into a 300CD
A C250 Turbodiesel which runs on biodiesel.
Life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy.

'83 W123 300D 325000km (Wife's car Josephine - sold).
'84 W123 300D replaced good OM617 912 with OM617 952 and enjoyed having good acceleration for the first time since first driving a 300D in 2002 - became engine and trans donor for 300CD Turbodiesel conversion. Now parted out.
'86 W124 300D sold (Wife's old car - sold )
'85 W123 300CD, 275 000km (Fatmobile) rebuilt turbodiesel transplanted into 280CE (SOLD)
'99 W202 C250 Turbodiesel (my darling Wife's car - Sold)
'98 W202 C250 Turbodiesel (my car - Sold)
'06 Ssanyong Musso Crew Cab 2WD Ute (OM662 diesel and Auto Transmission)
'00 Ford Courier Crew Cab 2.5TD

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