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Freight options from WA to SA

Posted: Sat 07 Apr, 2018 11:17 pm
by CraigB
The short question is any suggestions for getting the entire driveline from a low-light Morris Minor from Gosnells WA to Adelaide.

The long story, because i am sure somebody is thinking "why!" - one of my best mates of nearly 50 yrs now has an inoperable brain tumour. We don't know how long he has and it is like 'the real Dave' is gone already with his short term memory totally gone and his mind having trouble focusing on pretty much anything anymore. His business was mainly building and maintaining a number of race cars but he had also taken on the restoration of a 1949 low light Morris Minor convertible for another school friend of ours. The car was her fathers who died of cancer before he could complete the restoration and now, despite living in Singapore, wants to finish the restoration and keep that memory of her father. She was 'dicked around' by various cowboys for a number of years before Dave took it on to do it properly, until he too got cancer. At first i was just trying to organise a company to take it on - got a estimate of $42k! There is no way my friend can afford that and through the Morris Minor Club a number of people were semi interested in doing work at less but not being able to take it on straight away and it was just starting to look like more dicking around. And because we know that Dave has had seizures and could go anytime, we also needed a backup plan to move it quick. At the moment the shell is sitting up on a rotisserie after having a top level black spray job, so it really at least needs to get suspension back in to get it back onto its wheels to move it anyway. Somewhere in my head is that in all the mess Dave had got this on track to fix things and if i can finish it off to that standard it becomes a good memory that we fixed it rather than a bad memory of all this mess that never gets fixed..... but when i should be working on all my unfinished Benzes! Anyway, have been up his place the last couple of days and there is a lot of stuff missing and some things that just don't make sense. I tried asking him about it but not being able to remember just distresses him. I have been over his place with a fine tooth comb and I am sure various bits are not there - eg. tail end of gearbox, propshaft, brake backing plates, gearbox selectors, starter/generator etc etc etc. I started looking for parts this afternoon and found an entire working drivetrain very cheap but in WA. There are plenty of bits for the later Minors but not so much for the early sidevalves so grabbing this stuff I think is a no brainer but I need to try and get it back as cheaply as possible.

The guy selling reckons you would fit the whole lot on pallet and could strap it down. Just needs the leaf springs pulled off. So I am thinking of asking him if he could do that and how much to prepare it for pick up or take to depot. Is there anyone who lives near Gosnells I could pay to do it? I've never transported that sort of stuff. Does that sound right? As far as running gear goes i don't think it is particularly big or heavy. Who would be good to freight with?

Any help appreciated.

Re: Freight options from WA to SA

Posted: Mon 09 Apr, 2018 12:33 pm
by Bartman4800
Hey Craig,

David shipped a stack of rims to me (so the other way around). He organized it all online.

I live within 40 k's of Gosnells and I would not mind to spend a bit of time helping you and a friend out.

So if you ask David how he organized it, I am happy to use my trailer to bring it to a shipping agent (I believe it was somewhere in Welshpool)


Re: Freight options from WA to SA

Posted: Mon 09 Apr, 2018 4:02 pm
by CraigB
That's a fantastic offer Bart. 40k's not exactly around the corner though! Via Ego couriers (who i am pretty sure David uses), I have estimated the dimensions and on a pallet and got a depot to depot quote of $220 based on 200kg that i think should cover a sidevalve morri with gearbox and diff - not much more for 300kg so could just do that. Any thoughts anyone how heavy it would be?

Depot my end would be perfect - can be fork lifted onto my trailer and can drive it up the river and pull off with engine crane etc. at Dave's place.

Your end I have called and left a message with the seller and curious if he has engine crane etc, maybe even a stray pallet. My thinking would be if the pallet went on the trailer and then used engine crane to put motor on and strap it down. Similarly diff and gearbox. Cheap ratchet straps probably easiest and safest so it doesn't fall off anywhere. Its an incredibly kind offer and I know from what must be a number of years of posting that you are 'that sort of guy' but would really like to pay you or at a minimum properly cover any of your costs, but we can chat about that later.

And yes Ego depot is at Kewdale that looks pretty much Welshpool and not a long way from Gosnells, so that all looks pretty good.

I will get back as soon as i hear from seller.

Re: Freight options from WA to SA

Posted: Mon 09 Apr, 2018 4:56 pm
by Bartman4800
Yes, that all sounds very familiar Craig.

I have a foldable engine crane, if the seller does not have one I can bring it to load the pallet.
No idea what the whole weight would be but as long as it is less than 500 kg my trailer would not mind :)

The largest bit would be the rear axle I suppose, hope that fits on a pallet

Seller should be able to organize a pallet, I think you can pick one up from Bunnings for free...
And yes some cheap ratchets would be the best go.

We can work something out, a refund on my fuel expense would be sufficient.

A friend in need is a friend indeed :happy3:

Regards, Bart

Re: Freight options from WA to SA

Posted: Mon 09 Apr, 2018 6:35 pm
by CraigB
Thanks so much for your offer Bart but everyone in WA must be super nice and seller has offered to do it all and drop it at the depot. I got talking to him about how to make it happen and he said he could take the bits to work and they are all set up with pallets and metal strapping gear and can plastic wrap motor etc etc and only managed to get him to take $20 petrol money! So it is all organised - will transfer money tonight and he will get it organised and then i will organise freight once he is ready to drop it.

Re: Freight options from WA to SA

Posted: Tue 10 Apr, 2018 4:59 pm
by Bartman4800
There is a Dutch proverb Craig:

"Wie goed doet, goed ontmoet"

It's because you are such a nice gent, that people in WA make a special exception :love4: :laughing6:

I am glad it all worked out great for you.


Re: Freight options from WA to SA

Posted: Fri 13 Apr, 2018 7:54 am
by Mercmad
A pity it wasn't closer to Qld. i had Morris's when i first started Driving (at 12) and are really familiar with them. a change of automotive scenery would have been nice. :coffee2: