Lunatics amongst us.

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Lunatics amongst us.

Post by Ivanerrol » Fri 28 Jul, 2017 11:48 am

Check this video.
News report from Indonesia.
2 lunatics ascended a volcano. Foreigners (Orang Asing) A volcano that has been erupting daily since 2012.

A fair size eruption occurred while they were there. - Lucky the ash cloud and pyro clastic flow went the other way.
A reception committee of officials was on hand to greet them on their descent. No doubt to escort them to the airport and send them on their way.
The local news papers lead their stories "Orang Gila" - Stupid people.
A few dozen locals have been killed since the original eruption started. There are close on 20,000 displaced people - moved out of the eruption zone.
Only this week a Lahar descended the slopes and washed away a village.

Needless to say there is a strict exclusion zone around the volcano. We have a family house line of sight 9k's as the crows fly away.
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Re: Lunatics amongst us.

Post by Mercmad » Tue 08 Aug, 2017 7:31 am

i see a few videos there about this. How stupid are people? Coming from NZ we learned all about Volcanos (there's a hell of a lot in NZ even auckland city is built on several ) and things like Sulphur dioxide can wipe you out in seconds. It's a bit like those clowns who climb power poles...

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