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Post by Ivanerrol » Sat 14 Jan, 2017 4:27 pm

I went to watchmaker/jewellery store this morning to get the battery changed in one of my wife's watches.
There was someone ahead of me. His conversation with the store owner / watch maker went like this.

Man " The battery needs changing in this watch".
Watchmaker - after looking at the watch " This is an automatic".
Man " Yes I know, just needs the battery changing".
Watchmaker " This is an automatic - has a main spring".
Man : "Last time it stopped, I took it to a watch person who changed the battery and got it working again".
Watchmaker " This is an automatic - a Seiko automatic - a good watch"
Man - "Yes, just need a battery".
Watchmaker " This watch requires a service - costs around $200.00 plus parts".
Man " Can't afford that - just needs a battery".
Watchmaker " Who changed the battery last"?
Man " I had it changed in one of those kiosks in a shopping mall".
Watchmaker "Then I suggest you take it back to that kiosk and have your watch seen too".

Man walked out.

Me "How often does that sort of thing happen"?
Watchmaker " At least once a week".
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Re: Luddites

Post by cuisses » Sat 14 Jan, 2017 4:36 pm

I'm just glad I drive a quality automobile. My W108 has both a battery and several springs as a backup - it never fails me.
David Williams

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Re: Luddites

Post by T-Modell » Sat 14 Jan, 2017 6:54 pm

Reminds me of those stories of older ladies who bought a R107 brand new ... they never found out, it's a cabriolet ... they thought it's a coupe with the hard-top on :laughing6:

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