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99 E55 ISO Adapter

Posted: Sat 05 Aug, 2017 2:03 pm
by CPC

Is there an ISO Adapter to suit the 99 E55 head unit loom? I want to replace the stock Eurovox head unit in my vehicle. I see stuff online to suit 2000+ with the steering wheel controls, but my car predates that. I want to avoid hacking up the loom if possible. Thanks.


Re: 99 E55 ISO Adapter

Posted: Sat 05 Aug, 2017 9:38 pm
by Ivanerrol
Ebay is your friend here.

I have a Pioneer (which was high end at the time) in my W210. Before the pioneer some poxy el cheapo Sony unit. I sourced one from ebay - direct plug in conversion.
There are adapters to suit different brand head units you just need to search and be a little patient. Certainly available overseas for most Audio brands.

The Eurovox's were mainly installed in Australia. The cars were imported sans headunit. MBA installed them.
Post 2000 update came with the canbus so the head units Audio 10, 20 or 30 were supplied from the factory.

I'm surprised your E55 didn't come with a factory headunit with Bose amp.

Re: 99 E55 ISO Adapter

Posted: Sun 06 Aug, 2017 6:58 pm
by CPC
As far as I know none of the pre-facelift E55's came with the Bose. Something about MB Australia trying to lower import duty costs or including Australian content. All I know is my $200k+ car has an inferior stereo to a stock $30k Commodore of the same year :(

I removed the Eurovox this afternoon to see what it was like behind there. Here's a pic of the head unit mine was delivered with:

And this is the mess the MB Australia installers made:

Here is the male connector from the factory loom that goes to an adapter loom that suits the Eurovox head unit:

It is my understanding I need an ISO adapter that plugs in to this male connector, then another ISO adapter that can go from the first one to the back of the head unit of my choice. The first ISO adapter should be the same for all this model of W210. The second adapter would vary depending on what head unit I had chosen, as it will have a plug specifically for that brand. At least, that's how it works with most other manufacturers.

I can't seem to find the first loom - the one that will plug in to the male connector you see above. Everything I find online seems to be for 2000+ models specifically. Mine is a 1999. Does anyone have any tips? Is there a local supplier? Ivanerrol, is this your understanding of the loom adapters required? Did you get yours from eBay?

On a side note, I found another connector that the head unit installers had wired up, but it wasn't connected to anything. There was also a relay embed in there with all the mess and dodgy connectors. Any ideas of what they're for? Here's some pics:

Thanks for your help.