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Rattling Rear Panel

Posted: Sun 16 Mar, 2014 3:04 am
by TheTherapist
Hi guys,

I have the 10 speaker Harman Kardon Command system in my W211 E55 and for a stock system it sounds full range and quite punchy. Only issue I have is when the volume is turned up the rear parcel shelf makes that brrrr rattling noise. Initially I assumed it was the speaker needed replacing but upon checking further I discovered the noise could be eliminated with firm pressure applied to the cover that clips in across the parcel shelf. The cover is clipped in tightly and appears to be connected fine (same as factory I would imagine) but this noise really detracts from the audio quality. I can think of no way to tighten it or add cushioning to eradicate the rattle. :dontknow:

Has anyone experienced similar and discovered a solution...? :offtheair:

Re: Rattling Rear Panel

Posted: Sun 16 Mar, 2014 11:27 am
by Greg in Oz
The source of the noise will be where that panel contacts another panel or object. I would suggest attempting to find any points of contact and inserting a cushioning material to prevent the vibration.