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W116 280swl engine conversions

Posted: Tue 09 Feb, 2016 7:05 pm
by scottb116
Has anyone done an engine/ trans swap for a W116

Ford, Holden, chev, Toyota, other merc's?

My engine isn't going to well, and if it's buggered, I would like to know what else is doable.

Re: W116 280swl engine conversions

Posted: Fri 12 Feb, 2016 8:12 pm
by julian
A running m110 could easily be had from a forum member. It would take less than a day to install and you could do some servicing on the stand before installation. Excellent motor and not much money.

Any other engine conversion will eat up your time, your energy, and be at least double the cost.

Using a non-mercedes unit is generally a bad idea, and many will poo-poo the idea on these boards. I would hasten you to consider why you would choose a motor that wasn't intended for the car, and what virtue it would offer that makes all the pain worth it. Granted you could probably throw in a 5L carb holden motor from your rear-ended VB-SLE but you still have a car not that much faster than your 280, you've spent $1000 on engine mounts and it still runs like a Holden.

Go original. It's pain free, cheap and will leave your car more valuable.