More bad days

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More bad days

Post by Ivanerrol » Thu 03 Aug, 2017 8:56 pm

Starman had his bad day over the weekend.
Mine was Monday.
I have two W202's The fuel pumps went in both cars in the one week. :wall:
One just failed altogether - luckily only 50 metres from home - managed to push it back to the garage.
The other started a severe pulsing.

I had a spare fuel pump in the garage - came from a low K car. I installed it one of the cars - non functional :banghead: Been sitting around to long and gummed up.
Lesson 1. Test the fuel pump before installing it.
W202 pump.JPG
Since these two cars will be going very shortly and not going to risk a a second hand pump I bought an elcheapo Feabay Chinose one.
Pump fits up fine to the tank hoses and fuel filter but the boot seal is never going to fit properly. I bodged an seal on.

pump is as noisy as hell but effective. Car hasn't run so well for a long time

I pickup the W204 C280 on Sunday. Missus Ivanerrol will be glad to see the back of the W202's :whistle:

I pick up my W204 C280 on Sunday. Missus Ivanerrol will be glad to see the back of the W202's :whistle:

Meanwhile the W210 has a serious clunk from the drivers side front end. Lifted the car - ball joint was dodgy. Not available to next day.
The two W202's died in the middle of the W210 ball joint change.
3 cars and not one operating. :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Had to drag out the Specialized to cycle down to the spare parts place to get a fuel pump
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