Buying a A124 - advice on buying please

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Buying a A124 - advice on buying please

Post by pommy » Wed 07 Feb, 2018 11:23 am

Not sure why but my post vanished. Take 2, shorter version. Looking to buy this ... 5541/?Cr=2

Anyone know anything of the car?

It's in Caulfield and I'd like to get it inspected as I'm in Tassie - anyone specialists around there that would know their way around an A124/W124?

It needs a trim piece on the middle of the rear deck (impossible to find?) and apparently the hydraulic fluid for the roof is leaking - any idea on worst case scenario to fix this?



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Re: Buying a A124 - advice on buying please

Post by Ivanerrol » Wed 07 Feb, 2018 4:55 pm

Car was manufactured 10/95.
First registered in Victoria 12/96
This means it features the PMS injection and ignition system and is subject to the dreaded eco wiring issue.
Good news is that particular engine puts out 150Kws. Not so good news is those cabs are relatively heavy.

Don't know what that NSW plate is all about. Car was definitely made for Australia.
Order number 0 5 901 13291 (Destination: Australia)
Delivery date 1995-11

That car has brand new number plates on it. Possibly had personalized plates previously.
I have a mate with a car near exact to that one. He mentioned he was going to sell it. I'll find out if it is his car.

Headlights are a bit U.S.A.ish
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Re: Buying a A124 - advice on buying please

Post by T-Modell » Wed 07 Feb, 2018 5:26 pm

it puts out 150hp not kW. Front lights are original as after 1993. Cab is heavier but depending on your driving intentions (more a cruiser), it's a good motor. Here's a nearly identical car, late E220 on my tour last year:
2017-08-26 - 0457 - Weinheim Ausfahrt 8 SL_sm.jpg
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Re: Buying a A124 - advice on buying please

Post by ngruzevs » Fri 09 Feb, 2018 10:11 am

I like the way MB integrated grill into bonnet in the later 124's.

E220 came standard with 110KW/210NM. Weighed almost 200KG more than it's coupe sibling. According to Australian specs, 0-100K 11.7s.
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Re: Buying a A124 - advice on buying please

Post by stunkat » Wed 14 Feb, 2018 6:11 pm

G'day Mike

'94 E220 A124 (127k kms) here...the trim piece you mention I think is p/n a1247570308 which covers the central lock on the rear deck. They have a habit of going walkabout and I have replaced mine twice in 10 years but it was still available at the stealership last time I needed to replace it and was surprisingly cheap at under $20 (about 12 months ago).

I haven't had any issues with roof hydraulic cylinders yet (touch wood) but it is something that gets plenty of airtime on the overseas forums where the cabrio is more common. There is a shop in the US that gets good reviews for cylinder rebuilds although I cannot vouch for them personally but it will give you an idea of cost and effort as they also post some "how to" guides but it is well beyond my level of technical ability ... alves.html

Hope this helps


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