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Getting iPhone contacts into pre 2011 cars.

Posted: Wed 27 Dec, 2017 11:01 pm
by Ivanerrol
Those with E and C classes with post 2007 Command know that getting your Smartphone contacts into the Command address book doesn't work via Blue tooth.
There are verious ways of doing this.
(a) If you have Linguatronic you can talk your info in - very laborious.
(b) You can remove your SIM (after having loaded all your contacts onto it) and install it into an old Phone such as a Motorola Razor with Bluetooth.
You may then be able to pair the razor to the car and get your contacts across.

(c) Connect your phone to a laptop. Use iTunes or an Android program to download your contacts to a CSV or VCard file. In my case I use a third party app called Syncios. Bluetooth your laptop to the Command in your car. Transfer the files

(d) if your Command unit has a PCMCIA port then you can down load your files to a PCMCIA Adaptor such as this.
Plug the card into the port in the Command area.
Upload the files.

(e) If you have a NTG4 and above Command - Mostly cars post 2006/7 then there is the ViseeO MB4+ - it's $500 bucks + from Soundlabs.
If you have an earlier Command car with the special cradle adaptor for the Nokia phones then there is the ViseeO MB3000 again $500+ from Soundlabs.

Post 2011 you have no problems - Contacts load up on Bluetooth.